Your Rights and Choices

You can make choices about your personal information and exercise certain rights under the law. We cannot always do what you ask us to do. Sometimes we have to do something different to follow a law, a contract or our own policy. Sometimes we have to ask our client what to do. Sometimes we cannot do something because information we have collected cannot be linked to you, like anonymous browsing information.

If you ask to exercise any rights or make any choices, we will either do what you ask, tell you why we cannot, or help you find the right person or organization to ask. We will not unfairly discriminate against you for making a choice or exercising your rights, but if there are consequences to making a choice, we will tell you what they are.

You can ask:

  • for information about your personal information. You can ask if we have it, who we get it from, how we use it, where we store and access it, who we share it with, how long we keep it, and how we protect it when we share it across borders or between organizations. This is sometimes called the right to know or the right to be informed
  • for a copy of your personal information. This is sometimes called the right to know or the right of access
  • to correct your personal information if it is incorrect. This is sometimes called the right to rectification or a dispute
  • To add a comment to your personal information if you want it to be clarified or if you disagree with us about whether it is correct
  • to stop using your personal information, either temporarily or permanently, for some or all purposes. This is sometimes called the right to restriction of processing, the right to object, or the right to opt out. If we are using your personal information based on your consent, this might also be a withdrawal of consent
  • to delete your personal information. This is sometimes called the right to be forgotten
  • to share your personal information with another organization. This is sometimes called the right to data portability

To exercise any of these rights, use this form, call us, or email us at


If you are not happy with how we have collected, used, disclosed, or otherwise handled your personal information, or if you tried to make a choice or exercise rights about your personal information and you are not happy with the outcome, you can make a complaint using this form, by calling us, or by emailing us at We commit to investigating and resolving all complaints we receive about privacy and data protection.

If you are still not satisfied, in some locations you may be able to complain to a regulatory or supervisory authority. See the table below for contact details.

Background check disputes

If you are a candidate, you have received the results of your background check, and you believe the results are incorrect, you can use the contact the information provided with the copy of your background check to request a dispute.

United States

Contact our dispute resolution team: 1-844.468.6522 |


Contact our candidate support team: 1-866.455.5671 |

Australia (ACIC national coordinated criminal history checks)

If you believe that the information returned on your police check is incorrect, please contact us at or on (02) 9392 8866 for assistance.

Please note that the dispute process can take between four to 21 business days.

All other countries

Contact our privacy team using this form or by emailing

Global telephone numbers

We strongly recommend you contact us online or by email. This helps ensure your request will be directed to the right place, right away. If you prefer to reach us by telephone, please use the numbers in the table below to reach one of our representatives.

Responsible individuals

We have appointed individuals whose sole responsibility is the protection of personal information and compliance with privacy or data protection laws. If you cannot or do not want to use the forms and resources above, you are always welcome to contact the responsible individual for your region at These are the job titles of the responsible individuals:

Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Data Protection Officer (EMEA)

Americas and Asia-Pacific: Global Head of Privacy

Privacy Contact Form

Please complete this form to exercise your privacy rights. If you have difficulty using this form, you can email us at You can also contact us by postal mail or by telephone, but by using this form or our email address your request will be handled more quickly and efficiently.

Information you enter on this form will be used only for the purposes of responding to your inquiry. It will be stored in the United States and Canada for a maximum of seven years for audit purposes and to respond to any future claims or inquiries relating to your request.

This will help us find information about you if you are a candidate.
Please provide the name of the organization that requested services on you
We will respond to your inquiry by email. A copy of this form will be sent to your email address as well.
If you provide your number, we may contact you by telephone to clarify your request.
Note: Sterling does not sell your personal information, so there is no need to contact us to ask us not to sell your personal information.